Bill, Backcountry Skier, Climber and Firefighter

Zeb is a fantastic guide and instructor.  He connects with his students and makes the learning fun and low pressure.


Our regional rescue team has been taking advanced avalanche classes from Zeb and the feedback has been excellent.  He is good at understanding the students and what their particular needs, strengths and weaknesses are so that he is able to deliver a high caliber class.   


Traveling with Zeb in the backcountry is a pleasure.  He is always low pressure and fun to be around. He has a knack for quickly connecting with clients and getting along with everyone.  However, under the calm demeanor is a true professional, savvy in the backcountry with great risk management skills to keep the group safe.  You couldn't have a better combination of skills and abilities to lead you on your next adventure.


Lauren, Ski Mountaineer

I met Zeb two years ago during an introduction to mountaineering climb on Mt. Rainier. He was very thorough and clear during the mountain school portion of the trip. I felt very comfortable approaching him with any questions and concerns I had. His positivity and great attitude were contagious which made for an amazing trip. 

I have experienced every type of mountain activity with Zeb: ski touring, ski mountaineering, alpine climbing, and rock climbing. Zeb is super knowledgeable, personable and trustworthy. I always feel safe when I'm with him during any mountain adventure and know I'm in good hands. 

Zeb is a logistics expert, whether it's planning a route with a few days notice or building a perfect snow platform for a tent. Zeb is my go to guide for all of my mountain endeavors! 

If you're going to be isolated in the mountains for several days you want to be with someone who you trust and whose company you enjoy, that person is Zeb. Zeb's knowledge of the mountains and mountain safety is unbeatable!

Steve, Alpine Climber

Zeb is an outstanding guide.  I've climbed with him on Rainier, in Wyoming, in Vermont and in Peru and I've found him the utmost professional, great at teaching and increasing my confidence in the mountains, a reliable and extremely skilled climber and partner and fun to hang out with.  He is great at putting together teams of people who climb well together and designing climbs that are challenging but super fun.

Chris, Backcountry Skier

Zeb and I recently returned from a three-day ski tour.  It was a spectacular trip, just what I'd been hoping for with a mix of snow camping, ski touring, some light mountaineering, and most of all, a true and uninterrupted break out in the wild.  The pre-trip process was as smooth as it could be: Zeb handled the arrangements and planning I didn't have time and attention to, while involving me in the decision-making to the extent I wanted to be; he was responsive and attentive to my prior experience (and inexperience), and aptly balanced my objectives with the reality of present snow conditions.  Out in the backcountry, Zeb is the perfect guide: professional, experienced, technically solid when conditions demand, and in quieter moments, easy-going and a pleasure to just be with in the mountains. I'm already eager for our next adventure.

Chelle Schuler, Backcountry Skier

An incredible day touring the backcountry with (Zeb). We skinned and traversed 3 peaks, did an awesome rock scramble, saw gorgeous views of Squaw and Lake Tahoe, crossed 8 creeks, but most of all we thoroughly enjoyed the day. Zeb Blais was an amazing guide, ski retriever, snow bridge builder and “western style terrain” leader. Great day in the Mountains!!