I've already been snowed on... it's time for Japan 2018

Hokkaido, Japan - come get some of this in Janurary February!

Well that went fast. Before I could locate my winter gloves the snow in California started. It was actually pleasant - a small flurry of white before winter really sets it's teeth and starts pushing biking and rock climbing aside. It was a good wake up call- get those ski boots dialed, plan for the months ahead, take care of projects that require warmth and dryness to complete.

Now it seems it's back to Indian summer with high pressure, brisk mornings and pleasant days. Winter stayed just long enough to make Mount Whitney's East Buttress a bit more challenging last weekend.

Mount Whitney's East Buttress divides the sun from the shade just left of the snowy Mountaineer's Route.

Whitney, was great fun, but I did find my mind wandering to thoughts of deep snow, bottomless turns and of course, the food that goes best with all that: Ramen! The season for skiing in Japan is just around the corner - now is a perfect time to join a trip! Feel free to contact me with questions on this trip- it's one you won't forget.

Japan does it right: $12 deluxe ramen at the ski resort cafeteria. Add vending machine beer for $2.50.

Japan is about two things: mind-blowing, bottomless powder and unique culture. The snow is undeniably incredible and the culture is as fun and strange as the snow is deep. It's a great mix that makes for a truly one of a kind experience.

Enjoying some local flavors in downtown Tokyo!

Last year I guided a trip to Hokkaido with five skiers from the Pacific Northwest. I rented a van and we mixed resort skiing with lift accessed side country and pure ski touring to scope out a variety of zones on the snowy northern island. We had a blast - skiing full days, relaxing in Onsens and eating all kinds of strange and delicious (not always both ) Japanese food.

If you're looking for a great ski adventure this year, ask contact me about this trip! It's a different way to see Hokkaido and experience the why this place is incredible. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the trip, itinerary, gear or otherwise.

Get those legs in shape and those skis tuned! Happy Fall - Zeb