California Rock and Alpine Climbing


California is renowned for it's incredible granite climbing.  ​Whether it's your first time putting on rock shoes or you're a seasoned multi-pitch climber, there is a perfect program for you in the Sierra.  With venues including Donner Summit, Lover's Leap, Sugarloaf, and the high peaks of the Eastern Sierra I can tailor a climb that will motivate and inspire. 


Typical programs include:
  • Mount Whitney, East Buttress - 5.7 Grade III

  • Lover's Leap - Two day multi-pitch climbing  

  • Learn to Lead - Donner Summit

  • Climbing Self Rescue - Learn how to get you and your partner our of dangerous situations in the mountains

  • Alpine and Rock Skills - Learn skills like belaying, making rock and aline anchors, rappelling, placing and cleaning gear, creating haul systems or other skills you'd like to develop

Dates  Spring, Summer and Fall - Alpine climbing available in Winter

Cost     I work these trips through various companies.  Email for details on the program and the costs.  We can work out a program that works for you.