Donner Summit Rock

Custom Skills Programs are a unique offering from Blackbird Mountain Guides that put you in control of what you learn.  Name a peak or a skill set you want to acquire and we'll build a program that prepares you for your objective.  Whether it's one day or once a week for three months, we can get you where you need to be to:

  • Assess risk and make safe decisions on route

  • Have the technical ability to feel comfortable on your objective

  • Evaluate your skills and fitness to determine your likelihood of success 

Skill Sets

Rope Skills

  • Soft Materials Used in Climbing

  • Basic Knots

  • Advanced Knots

  • Mechanical Advantage Systems

  • Rock Rescue

  • Escaping the Belay​​​

  • Crevasse Rescue

  • Belaying

  • Rappelling

  • Ascending a Rope

  • Ascending Fixed Lines

Rock and Alpine Climbing Skills

  • Gym to Crag

  • Lead Climbing

  • Following Traditional Rock Climbs

  • Snow Climbing

  • Crampons and Ice Axe Skills

  • Glacier Climbing

  • Self and Team Arrest

  • Ice Climbing

  • Anchors

    • Rock​

    • Snow

    • Ice

    • Trees

  • Alpine Anchors

Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering Skills

  • Introduction to Modern Ski Touring Gear

  • Skinning Technique

    • Balance and Form​

    • Transitions

    • Ski Crampons

  • Skin Track Setting​

    • Corners​

    • Preventing slipping

    • Preventing "glopping"

  • Boot Crampons​

  • Steep Skiing 

    • climbing in AT Boots

    • building a transition platform

  • Rappelling with and without Skis On

  • Crevasse Rescue for Ski Mountaineers

Design your Custom Skills Program Here

Your Information

Tell us more about yourself.  Include what skills and fitness you have, quantify the information whenever possible.

Your Objective

Tell us more about your mountain goals, be as specific as possible.